Welcome to our home outside the game. (Tristin' will be back on the 1st)

Like-minded friends enjoying one of the best games of all time...

Publish 8: A Galaxy Divided. Is in game now!

Nebula Veterans: Tristen' / Zoma / PurpleFreak / DakkValcynJr / Vire / Sachmow / S-mart / Keegor

Hello, and welcome to Nebula!

NEB is led by Zoma, but really the guild is actually run completely by all of its members. We operate on a everyone gets to vote, on anything guild related, regardless of rank. If you have any ideas, thoughts, or concerns, make yourself heard and let the people decide what must be done!

Who is available for help in-game:

DakkValcynJr (Mayor of Nebula Reborn, Dantooine)

New Guildies - After your 2 week trial period is completed, you will be allowed to place a house within city limits in one of our fine cities! For zoning rights, contact either the Mayor, or someone on the Militia.


Stash (NR)
DakkValcyn / DakkValcynJr (NR Mayor)
Isoe (Galatorbria Rori)
Tristin' (SuperNova Mayor)

Ingame you will receive attached waypoints are for our City Halls (you can use the terminals inside to vote, donate to the treasury, and view city info), various vendors of guild members, and our Krayt house near the graveyard.
Guild Meetings will be held the last Sunday of every month at 9PM EST, in the Nebula Meeting Hall. Attendance will not be mandatory, only encouraged. Morning meetings may be scheduled by the Europe folks (in-game mail will be sent out in such events).

The Outhouse is the place to go if you are looking for grinding resources, crafting tools, auto-loom parts. There are High Quality resources on a vendor that you can browse, however you will need to request those from a council member, and you must be mastery level in your crafting profession. Needless to say, none of these resources are for resale.

Outhouse Guild Armor in NR offers 80% Composite Armor to guildies! Please do feel free to purchase armor for your personal use! If a piece you need is not in stock, please feel free to email S-mart.

So get started on your new journey with this great guild!


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